Tips on Sending the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is one of the best ways to celebrate the coming birth of your new baby. The first step to making sure that the shower goes exactly as you planned it is to send out the perfect baby shower invitations to your guests. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Get Your Guest List In Place

You can’t send out your invitations if you don’t have a guest list in place. Make sure you put a lot of thought into it so you don’t forget to send invitations to anyone important. Family members and friends are usually invited to baby showers; co-workers who are close to the expecting parents may be invited, too. Depending on how you plan to send out the invitations, make sure to collect the guests’ home addresses or email addresses.

Ladies Only Or Mixed?

You must also decide if you want the event to be attended only by women or if you want both men and women to be there. Mixed baby showers are typically called ‘Jack and Jill’ baby showers. If you decide to hold a ‘Jack and Jill’ baby shower, make sure to that the invitation indicates that everyone is invited.

Invitation Design

Most baby showers have themes, so if your baby shower has one, make sure the invitation reflects it. The good news is that you can often baby find cute invitations that will match the theme you want, whether the theme is owls or monkeys or even rubber ducks. However, keep in mind that your baby shower doesn’t always need a theme; even without a theme, you’ll still have a lot of cute baby shower invitations to choose from. Strollers, rattles, moms-to-be, storks, and peas-in-a-pod all make for adorable and appropriate shower invitations.


A baby shower is usually held 6 to 8 weeks before the baby is due to be born. This can help you determine the right time frame for sending out the baby invitations. You must also make sure that the date of the shower works in that it doesn’t interfere with any doctor appointments or other major events in the family. Also, make sure to send out the baby shower invitations far enough in advance, about 4 to 6 weeks out, so all your guests can make plans to attend the shower.


Make sure your baby shower has both the appropriate design and the proper wording. Inspirational quotes, cute phrases, and rhyming words are all appropriate for baby shower invitations. Your baby shower’s invitations should also explicitly state important shower details like if the shower is a surprise and if guests should bring gifts. Directions to the venue of the party should also be indicated on the invitation.

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